Find Suppliers of Used Car


If you are in search of a dependable vehicle exporter, then Japan is the best place for you. Since there are many Japan Car Exporters around, you will surely get confused about which one of them to go for. Hiring a reputed and licensed exporter is a must if you are going through the anxieties of getting in touch with an exporter or importer of cars.


A car exporter not merely ascertains that your imported vehicle will get transported to your destination safely, but also ensures delivery in excellent condition with all supportive documents to meet all the customs formalities.

So, the selection of the best importer is very important for two reasons:


First, it saves you from all the harassment.

Second, it ensures that your vehicle gets delivered to your place in the best possible way.


Remember that it is not always necessary that a vehicle needs to be imported from the US; your local used car exporter can take care of this problem for you and help you carry the car in a straight way to your preferred destination.


There are several advantages of using a used car exporter to import a car rather than buying it:


First, exporters know where the maximum number of vehicles of a particular make are imported into the country at best rates.

Secondly, exporters know very well that the rules and regulations related to automobiles do not fall into any of these categories.

Finally, you can always import cars of your own choice since they are fully inspected before delivery.

The exporter gets the car transported from one point to another, which includes the port of destination. If your need for a vehicle is urgent, then you need not misuse time searching for a trailer or truck as all you need is a car and a willing exporter.


There has been incredible growth in the exporting of Japanese Cars especially since car importing rules have been reformed. The Japan Car Exporters deal with many cars like Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, Ford, etc. These are easier for the Japanese dealer for export.


Here are the Documents required for Exports Customs Clearance:

  • Pro Forma statement
  • Country of Origin or COO Certificate
  • Customs Packing List
  • Shipping Bill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Bill of Sight
  • Letter of Credit

As part of the export, a proof of ownership must be provided by you in the form of a manufacturer’s statement of origin or a private individual’s certificate of title. For the Used Car Exporter, you must present the vehicle’s identification number (VIN), in case of no product identification number (PIN). An internal transaction number (ITN) can be received for AES filing. This requires documentation that must be presented to the customs at the port of export at least 72 hours before departure.