Choosing the Right Used Car Exporter

February 6, 2021 , Used Car Exporter

An exporter of used vehicles is a privately owned business that buys used vehicles from dealerships, car manufacturers, or other third party sources and transports them to different foreign destinations. There are many exporters and/or used vehicle brokers throughout the United States and Canada who can help you with your international vehicle importation needs. They specialize in the importing and exporting of vehicles from Japan, Europe, and other countries. They will provide tips and guide you through the entire process and will explain in great detail how experienced people and newcomers can safely import used vehicles from Japan.

There are many reasons to choose a used car exporter for your vehicle import needs. First, exporters of cars and SUV’s in the US and Canada are often members of JUMVEA (the Association of Importers and Exporters of Japanese Automobiles). This means that they have met the stringent requirements of the organization and pass an extensive screening process before being approved to export vehicles. Joining this exclusive association means that used car exporters will be able to freely choose models, colors, and body styles of their vehicles, and will be able to sell vehicles to the highest bidder.

Second, using a private, membership-driven used car exporter gives you access to information about the prices of the models you want, when they are on sale, and what the average price of new vehicles in your locale is. Many times, you will see that the market price for a similar model or even different models within the same manufacturer is considerably higher than what an importer will charge you. That is because the Jumvea members who are allowed to set the retail price of their cars and SUVs on the market price list are subject to frequent inspections by government and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) officials who regulate the industry.

Third, most private, used car exporters offer a full range of services other than shipping cars. They often also provide services such as technical inspection or pre-delivery service, warranty assistance or extended warranty, adjustment of warranties, registration of vehicles, customs brokering, vehicle brokerage, roadside assistance, and many other services that can save you time and money while shipping your vehicle. Private exporters of used vehicles also typically work with you on financing options, which is especially helpful if you have a good credit score and wish to arrange for a loan prior to the vehicle’s delivery. In addition, Jumvea members have access to a very large network of local mechanics and auto repair shops that can make any necessary repairs to your car immediately after delivery.

Although there are many Jumpeo exporters available, it is best to choose ones that are members of the Association of Importers and Exporters of Japanese Automobiles (AIMA). This group was formed in 2021 in order to standardize the certification and quality standards of Japanese exporters. Members are required to complete an accredited training course and pass a test before they are eligible to join. Also, the group works closely with various other industry groups in order to promote awareness of the Jumpeo business and to assist other exporting businesses in the proper use of their products. A member is required to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and be aware of the type of documentation and documents that are required for export from Japan. A great advantage of this group is that its members are screened by the U.S. Department of Commerce, and only select individuals are accepted into the organization.

As a final note, it is important to note that all Jumpeo exporters will meet all U.S. DOT and FMV requirements. However, most exporters will claim that their vehicles are meeting or exceeding all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMV s), but this is verification by the agency, not by the car owner or buyer. In addition, some exporters will also note that all applicable taxes, VINs and odometers have been inspected. Again, as with any import/export activity, it is critical to ensure that the vehicles meet all applicable requirements. Finally, a wise car buyer will consider all of these factors before purchasing any used car.