Used Car Exporter – A Brief Guide For First Time Buyers

October 30, 2021 , Used Car Exporter


Japanese used car exporter says that there are presently more than eight million automobiles from Japan which are currently on sale at various auction sales. The majority of these cars are imported by different companies from Japan and China, which are the two largest sources of cars for importation into the United States. As the global economy continues on its downturn, Japan has become a major exporter of cars, especially small cars which are currently very popular in the United States. These cars are manufactured with excellent technology and are one of the most popular types among Japanese car buyers, who prefer small luxury cars which can often be bought for a lot less than the original prices.

Japanese Royal Trading Corporation or Japanese Royal Export Corporation is the largest private seller of second hand cars and motorcycles in the world. They import and export motor vehicles, motor cycles, boats, non-ferrous metal goods and appliances. Their business is primarily based in Japan but they have numerous outlets throughout the world. Since the mid 1980’s, when Japan began to open up its economy to the rest of the world, they’ve had to deal with a lot of restrictions from international trade. Because of this, many Japanese car exporters choose to only do business with authorized brokers in other countries, like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc.

These days, there are more Japanese used car exporters opening up their own websites and charging them for shipping services and handling fees. You can find a good number of legitimate and trustworthy exporters by conducting a simple online search. Japan is a great place to visit, especially for people who love the idea of living in Japan and doing business in Japan. Many top class Japanese companies are located in and around Tokyo, so if you’re interested in buying a used car in Japan, it’s a great place to go.